Helpful Poker Resources & Other Material

Below you will find some great resources for those looking for some more information.

The Pokerbank is one of my personal favorites and helped me a lot when I was learning the game from scratch.

Looking for entertainment and education at the same time? You should definitely check out SplitSuit’s poker quizzes. Challenge yourself and learn something about your game!

If you live near Houston or are planning a vacation there, check out the Golf and Poker Club for discounts, events, and casino trips.

Regarding forums, twoplustwo poker has always been my favorite. Check it out as there is lots of good information and helpful posters. You can find me post under the user gamma001. has some excellent poker strategy articles and the most detailed reviews of the new and complicated Poker Stars reward system you will find.

If you’re trying to improve your poker game (as we all should be!) you can go no further than Smart Study Poker Podcast. Sky is a great teacher and his podcast is well worth the listen if your a beginner or experienced player.

PokerNerve is an excellent resource for learning how to beat MTT’s. Their MTT Poker Course will teach you how to crush soft tournaments games, even if you are a beginner. They also have articles such as their PIOSolver GTO article which are helpful.

Free poker equity software equilab. are another great resource for poker news and US casino reviews.

If you’re looking for cool gear to wear at the table, check out Kicker Problem for hatshoodies and jackets. They also have a good list of recommended poker resources.


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