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Check out some of the news and articles published this week in the world of poker.

TwoPlusTwo Hack

We found out this week that the TwoPlusTwo Poker Forum database has been hacked. It first started out as a roumor but was confined by TwoPlusTwo management. This means that if you are a registered user of 2+2 you should immediately change your username and password. You can check your email or username is part of this breach or any other breaches over at http://www.leakedsource.com/

Read more here.

PokerStars Championship Bahamas

The final six at PokerStars Championship Bahamas has been settled and November Niner Cliff Josephy has made the cut.

Here are the updated stacks sizes at the end of day 5:

The most famous of the 16 who began day 5 were knocked out early. Ryan Riess was knocked out when beat by a dominated Ace and Jason Mercier was knocked out in what can only be described as a cooler. Michael Gentili is in a strong position going into the final table with the big stack but he is followed closely by Christian Harder and Aleksei Opalikhin. It should be an interesting final table so stay tuned. Play begins at midday, local time.

In other happenings across the gambling web, there is an addictive slots game (with a twist)  called Columbus deluxe. Check it out if it is your kind of thing. Here is a description:

“Are you feeling adventurous? In Columbus™ deluxe you are an explorer of the seven seas – set sail, make history and discover a world of winnings! Keep your ship on course on 5 reels with up to 10 win lines and take big winnings on board!

Your goal: In Columbus™ deluxe you win when the symbols land on the win lines in the right combination. You can view all winning combinations in the game’s paytable.”


Finally, the big news this week across the poker worlds is that 888poker will cease operations in  Australia and Slovenia from the 15th of January. This story broke as players were informed through logging into their 888 accounts with the following:

“Following a business reevaluation, we’d like to inform you that 888poker’s services are not being offered to players residing in Australia and therefore your account will be closed as of 01/16/2017.

You can still withdraw funds from your bankroll at any time using our web cashier.

Please check your email for more information.”

This change of business strategy was assumed to be caused by changes in the Austrailian law which would see hefty fines landed on gaming operators if they continue without local licenses.

See pokernews.com for more information.



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