Poker Etiquette – Don’t Look Like A Fool With These Mistakes

Before we discuss the what you should be doing on the table let make sure you know what you shouldn’t be doing – the unwritten rules of poker.

Poker Etiquette – Poker 101

  1. Don’t talk to someone while they are playing a hand. When a player is in a hand they need to concentrate and they will not appreciate you trying to maintain a conversation with them. Pick up the conversation after the hand has ended.
  2. Don’t allow anyone to see your cards until the showdown. Only one person to a hand while the hand is in play. This ensures that you are not unfairly receiving advice and negates the chance of your cards being exposed.
  3. Don’t throw your chips into the pot when betting, calling or raising. Your need to let the dealer count the chips before the hand can continue
  4. Avoid making string bets – string bets are when you say I call your raise and raise you more. The first action out of your mouth is (call, raise or fold) is the action you will be forced to take in a casino.
  5. Pay attention so that you don’t delay the game. The situation comes up in the casino quite often –  players will no realize it is their turn to act and they slow up the game. Always keep your eye on the action and be ready to act when it is your turn.
  6. Act in turn. The game of poker is structured so that everyone will act in specific order. Not following this order will put someone unfairly at a disadvantage (usually you).
  7. Do not ask to see mucked hands. A player may throw his hand away after being called and the river as he knows he is almost always beaten. Don’t ask to see his hand, this would be very poor etiquette.
  8. Slowrolling –  slow rolling is the act of pretending you have a weaker hand than you do in order to trick your opponent into thinking he won after the hand has ended. This is frowned upon at the poker table. The only acting or tricks you should pull should be when the hand is in play. Not afterward.
  9. Blaming the dealer – the dealer isn’t at fault for you being dealt poor hands. He is just shuffling the deck and doesn’t have a personal agenda vs you. So make sure you treat him with respect.