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Check out some of the great articles and material published this week:


Over at thinkingpoker.net they looked at slowplaying KK in the small blind 20bb deep while playing a $200 rebuy tournament on PokerStars. Not something I would try very often but I cannot fault the logic:

“In fact, playing certain strong hands in a way that’s consistent with how you’ll play weaker hands gives your opponent incentive both to bluff and to value bet thinly. If he acts on that incentive at an appropriate frequency, then you should do about as well as if you’d played your hand faster. And if he decides to go overboard, well…”

You can check out the full post here at the thinkingpoker.net website.

This week blackrain79 looked at how to defeat aggressive poker players (i.e. the table bully). Some of the adjustments discussed are how adjust your opening ranges, 4betting ranges and how to play in 4bet pots in the case you were called after 4betting. The post also discusses how to cripple an aggressive player by check raising all in in 3bet pots on the turn (one of my favourite plays).

Read some more here at blackrain79.com.

In other news, with the rumours that the Ongame Newwork may be soon closing down, RedKings Poker room has switched over to the Microgaming network.

“This change to Microgaming software will allow us to build on our eight-year-old poker business by providing a much improved poker playing experience and doing what RedKings is known for, making poker fun! We’re thrill to have agreed a poker deal with Microgaming, an expert in the industry,” said RedKings’ Michael Golembo.

If you play at Redkings you should be able to play on Microgaming by the end of the week.

Read more here.

Sticking with Pokernews.com, Gareth Chantler discusses a hand he played at World Poker Tour National Killarney (€1000+100 buy-in). In the hand recalled he has AQ 19bb deep after minraising the BTN and being called by the BB big stack. The flop came T98r.

Gareth considers how you’re checking range should not just filled with weak made hands that can be easily made fold on the turn and river by the big stack (and also what other hands you could add to your checking range in order to exploit your opponent).

His though process about the hand is very well laid out and is something we could all learn from.

The results of the hand ill be revealed in part 2 of the article. You can read part 1 here.

Over at upswingpoker.com they looked at some of the considerations for players investing in WSOP players with Ryan Fee. Although the majority of people will never invest in someone who is going to be playing in WSOP events, the article is useful for anyone that is ever going to think about selling or buying some action at any stake.

Check it out here.

Any other articles you found interesting this week? Let us know below.

Good luck at the tables

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