Top 5 Poker Tools For Beginners

The array of poker tools available for online play can be daunting for a beginning poker player. You might be unsure of what the purpose is of each piece of software and if it is worth parting with your hard earned cash. Here are the top 5 poker tools you will need for success online and a quick explanation of each:

The top 5 poker tools:

  1. A Poker Tracker & HUD

Poker tools HEMThe ability to track and analyze the hands you have played over the previous months or years is extremely valuable to any poker player, beginner or advanced.  One of the first investments you should make as a beginning poker player is the purchase of a poker tracker such as PokerTracker 4 or Hold’em manager 2. These pieces of software will undoubtedly have a massive return on investment for you over your poker career, so make sure you invest early and improve your winrate as soon as possible. The differences between the two programs are negligible but given that I have more experience Holdem Manager, it will be the one I recommend.  This is unquestionably the single most important piece of software for online poker. Don’t forget both PokerTracker 4 and Hold’em manager 2 both have free trials – so it’s no risk with plenty of potential rewards.


  1. Equilab (Free)

Poker tools Equilab

Equilab is free equity calculator software which is integral to any poker player’s success. Understanding how your hand is performing against what your opponent may hold is one of the key stepping stones to becoming a great poker player. Equilab also comes with an equity training tool which is perfect for a new player trying to understand opponents ranges and estimating equity on the fly. Download it now for free and get calculating equity.

  1. Notecaddy

Poker tools Notecaddy

Ever get tired of taking notes on your opponent? If not then you’re probably not taking enough notes! Taking notes on your opponent is the quickest way to understand how they play and take their money. However, taking notes can be a very long and tiresome process. The solution: Notecaddy!

Notecaddy is to a poker player what a golf caddy is to a golfer. It does all the work off the table so you don’t have to. Notes are taken after nearly every hand allowing you to build up an understanding of your opponents thought processes.  This is all performed in the background without any work from the user. When used correctly this poker tool can take your game to the next level!


  1. Leakbuster

Poker tools Leakbuster

Do you have trouble finding the leaks which are holding you back on the poker table? Leakbuster analyses a large sample of hands and tells you exactly where you can improve your game. Countless hours have been saved and leaks plugged utilizing this neat piece of software. Target exactly where you are losing money and improve your game as quickly as possible!



  1. Flopzilla

Poker tools Flopzilla

Did you find equilab useful? Want to do a more complicated analysis? Well, then Flopzilla is for you. This piece of software allows you to determine how often you will hit your flush two pair or top pair, given a starting hand range. It has the added benefit of allowing a user to save ranges into the software which can be analyzed at a later point. This program is particularly useful for working on your preflop game which I will detail in a later post! My favorite, and most frequently used piece of software besides my poker tracker!

Any other poker tools you think are useful? Please let us know!

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