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Check out some of the news and articles published this week in the world of poker.


Over at OnePokerLife Joey Ingram looks at some of the differences of zoom and regular cash games. Some of the points covered include playing more hands and learning at a faster rate, instantly beginning sessions, fewer boring moments when you don’t have hand and learning that tight is right.

This article complements well the earlier HowToPlayPokerInfo post on multi-tabling found here.

Read more from Joey over at OnePokerLife.

Over to news, and it is looking likely that PokerStars may be changing hands again as the parent company Amaya is looking to ‘diversify it’s international business’:

“Amaya has been undertaking a review of its strategic alternatives since February 2016,” Amaya stated.

The deal which has been touted as the most likely is a merger with the online poker room and casino William Hill. From the press release:

“The potential merger would be consistent with the strategic objectives of both William Hill and Amaya and would create a clear international leader across online sports betting, poker and casino,”

To find out more head over to PokerNews.

If your looking for some sound strategic advice on re-entry and re-buy tournaments, look now further than upswings article this week. Jason Lee provides some great thoughts on aspects of re-buy and re-entry tournamets such as:

  • How the fields in re-entry can often be tougher than standard buy-in fields.
  • The difference between re-buy and re-entry tournaments
  • How a lot of people undervalue their first buy-in and why it is a big mistake.

To read more on this head over to the upswingpoker website.

Want to work out how lucky you have been over your poker session/sessions? Have a read of this article over at pokernews.com which shows you how to look at luck in a positive light and not just the typical “My aces always get cracked” negative view.

To take an example for determining how lucky you have been when you have been dealt AA 3 times in 120 hands:

“First we have to determine the probability of getting {A-}{A-} in any one hand. You might know off the top of your head that it’s 1/221 — but if you don’t, it’s easy to calculate. The probability of the first card being an ace is 4/52, or 1/13. After that happens, there are 51 cards left in the deck, of which three are aces, so the probability of the second card being an ace is 3/51, or 1/17. The combined probability, then, is 1/13 x 1/17, or 1/221. We need to express that as a decimal to enter it into the binomial calculator — it’s 0.0045.”

Check out the rest of the article over at pokernews.com.

Anything you think should have made it into the weekly roundup? Let me know below.

Good luck at the tables.

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