About howtoplaypokerinfo.com

My name is Richard Jenkins (also known as gamma001) and I am the owner of howtoplaypokerinfo.com. I am a graduate mechanical engineer who enjoys playing and teaching poker. about 1

I have been playing poker, on and off, since I was 18 and never took it more seriously than playing part-time. I was only able to play full-time during the summer months, university always took precedence over playing poker. Now I am studying for my PhD so poker gets my attention during weekends and evenings.

Given my ability to write reports, teach and my love of poker I decided to start this website to help complete beginners learn the basics and beyond.

My results from 2015 (approx 400 hours play with 17k net winnings):

about 2

It’s clear I am beating 50nl zoom very well and 100nl zoom reasonably well over the sample period. I don’t claim to be a world beater, but I am well qualified to give my thoughts on some of the basics of poker and help new players find their feet in the poker world.

Good luck at the tables and any questions make sure you contact me.