Free Poker Guide – Crush The Zynga & Home Games

The long awaited free poker guide (PDF download) which will help you crush the play money games is now available! This is primarily a Texas hold'em poker guide but will be beneficial to poker players of all games.

Free Texas hold'em poker guide

This simple guide to poker will take you through the basics of the game and provide you with tips specifically designed for the Zynga play money games and low stakes home games! It will also be useful for beginners who are starting with micro stakes online poker.

Free poker guide

  Thank you. Go here to access your guide:

You will see an instant improvement in your game after reading and implementing the guide.

Table of contents:

Who would benefit from this guide?

  • Anybody who is looking to up their game and or online play money games.
  • Players looking to sharpen their skills and beat their friends at their local home game
  • Experienced players looking to review the fundamentals

What will this guide give me?

  • Overview of the positions in poker
  • How to play preflop
    • Hand charts for fullring and 6max included
    • Exactly what hands to fold call and raise.
    • What to do when you are reraised.
  • How to play post flop
    • Continuation betting strategy
    • Bet sizing strategy
  • Top 5 tips for play money games
  • 20 beginner common mistakes

More advanced poker guides coming soon!