Best Online Poker Training Sites 2017

Finding the best poker training site or course for you can be difficult.

There is a myriad of sites out there claiming to offer the best services at an affordable price, but like always else in life, there are some online training sites that are worth their weight in gold and others not so much.

There is no doubting the value of poker training, it certainly helped me take my game to next level.

So let’s walk through some of the aspects to consider while choosing a training site or course.


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Factors To Consider With Online Poker Training And Courses

There are lots of elements you need to think about before signing up to an online poker training site or course such as

  • the type of training
  • the activity of their forums/community
  • the quality of video and content
  • how often they produce content
  • how accessible the content is (i.e., downloadable for offline viewing).

Given how quickly a good poker training or coaching site can improve your game, you would be crazy not to invest in one. I can personally attest to the effect training websites had on my poker game.

So let’s go through some of the best poker training sites, coaches & courses on the market in 2017.

Poker Training NameGame TypeCost
Advanced Poker TrainingNo Limit HoldemFree
DeucesCracked6max No Limit Holdem$29/month
JonathanLittlePokerNo Limit Holdem$10/month
MyPokerCoachingNo Limit Holdem€59/month
PokerNerve - Road To Success CourseMTT$490 (once off)
RedChipPokerFullring, 6max and Heads Up$50/month
SplitSuitPoker - Hand Reading Lab CourseNo Limit Hold'em$497 (once off)
Tournament Poker EdgeMTTs$39/month
UpswingPoker6max and Heads Up$49/month

  1. PokerNerve

Poker Nerve Training Logo Image

Tournaments are one of the softest game types you can find both online and live today and it’s for this reason that a lot of players are beginning to learn how to play tournaments effectively.

If you want a comprehensive and well-organised tournament poker training, PokerNerve and the Road To Success MTT course is what you need.

PokerNerve is a website owned by professional MTT poker player Kelvin “Acesup” Beattie. Kelvin has been a professional poker player for more than 12 years has amassed over a whopping $3 million in winnings along with ten triple crowns! This has helped him create one of the best MTT training sites there is!

The flagship of Pokernerve is the Road To Success Course – a poker course which has everything needed to bring you from beginner MTT player to a winner at the $109 tourneys on PokerStars.

There are six modules of MTT training videos which include content such as:

  • Module 1: Hand values, board texture, betting strategies, postflop strategies & more.
  • Module 2: Stack size, assessing your opponent, playing draws, pot and implied odds, stack depth.
  • Module 3: Combinatorics, preflop play, semi-bluffing, profiting from aggression, playing the blinds.
  • Module 4: Bluffing, hand planning, bet sizing, multi-level thinking, isolating, using a HUD.
  • Module 5: Early stage play, middle stage play, ICM and bubble play, end game, final table, heads up poker strategy.
  • Module 6: Over betting, donk betting, lead betting, check-raising and 3 betting.

This course covers a huge amount of information on MTTs and in total will have over 100 hours of poker training video content. You can find out more about the course in this short video:


If you’re looking to learn MTTs quickly, there is no better training site and poker course than PokerNerve’s Road to Success Course. Here is a testimonial from one of the course graduates:

“Just had a $14,000 score online, and it’s all because of the course. It’s easy to absorb and powerful stuff when put into practice. Thanks, Acesup and PokerNerve!”

James G – New Zealand

PokerNerve Training Testimonial

This course also comes with a 7-Free Trial so you can test out the course for free. Note: courses can only be played from the PokerNerve website and can’t be downloaded.

Here are some examples of the teaching of Aces-up and how he plays on the table:


The premium course is currently retailing at $690 and the basic at $139 but thanks to a special deal you get 30% off (over $200 off the premium course) using coupon code “HowToPlayPokerInfo”.


poker nerve tournament training


Click here to find out more about the Road To Success Premium Course and start your 7-day trial.


  1. SplitSuitPoker

SplitSuit Training Image
SplitSuitPoker is run by James Sweeney who is a renowned coach in the poker industry and owns one of the best poker training sites out there. He has worked with 500+ students, has written a best-selling poker book, and made hundreds of videos and even taught me to play poker in during my early days over at the

SplitSuit has lots of great content such as his just released book Unfolding Poker but here are some of the main products:


6-max workbook

The 6-max workbook Standard and PowerPack Edition (perfect for players playing micro and small stakes 6max) are for players looking to take their hand reading game to the next level and who typically play online 6max. These workbooks come with 40 exercises from 50NL 6max where you are guided through the hand reading process Splitsuit would take in that situation.

Learn to understand your own ranges and your opponents range so you can apply them on the table more easily.

SplitSuitPoker Poker 6max Workbook

The Standard Edition includes:                         

  • The full-color workbook in PDF and ePUB
  • Flopzilla License ($35 value)
  • My Custom Flopzilla Ranges ($40 value)
  • A complete video tutorial for Flopzilla
  • A complete video tutorial for HoldEQ
  • $50 discount code for The Hand Reading Lab

You can pick up the Standard Edition here for $89.

In addition, the Power Pack Edition comes with:

  • 10 training videos where 6max coaches show their answers and process for various exercises in the book ($500 value)
  • 4 bonus group-coaching videos where Brad Lampman answers student questions and guides them through various exercises from the workbook
  • Hand Reading Webinar ($60 value)

You can pick up the Power Pack Edition here for $399.

Hand Reading workbook

The HandReading workbook Standard and MasterClass edition are for players who are playing mostly brick and mortar games. This workbook comes with 40 exercises from $1/$2 and $2/$5 live games where you will be guided through the hand reading process by James.

SplitSuitPoker Hand Reading Workbook

The Standard Edition includes:

  • The full-color workbook in PDF and ePUB
  • A license for Flopzilla ($35 value)
  • A complete video tutorial for Flopzilla
  • A complete video tutorial for HoldEQ
  • $50 discount code for The Hand Reading Lab

You can pick up the Standard Edition here for $89.

In addition to whats in the Standard, Edition, the MasterClass  Edition also comes with:

  • 3 video sessions from my private Mastermind
  • 3 RCP PRO videos where Splitsuit works through various exercises with you
  • The Pure Hand Reading Webinar ($60 value)

You can pick up the MasterClass Edition here for $399.

Workbooks are an excellent way to study poker as you are forced to think carefully about the posed situation, incrementally improving your poker game!


The Hand Reading Lab

If you are truly dedicated to improving your hand reading skills, you can look no further than SplitSuit’s flagship course The Hand Reading Lab.

Hand reading is one of the most important skills in poker and translates no matter if you’re playing heads up, 6max or full ring, live or online and is covered comprehensively from the ground up in The Hand Reading Lab course. The course contains 25+ videos covering:

  • the shapes of ranges,
  • playing in 3bet and 4bet pots
  • exploiting capped ranges
  • flopzilla training
  • lots of great examples plus more.

You are guaranteed to see huge advances in your hand reading ability if you spend the time with this course. In addition, flopzilla is included with the course for free (worth $35).

Although this is focused primarily at $1/$2 and $2/$5 live, I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about poker no matter their game type.

You can find out more about the hand reading lab below and pick it up here for $497 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Note: content can be downloaded but you forfeit your right to the 30-day money back guarantee.



Splitsuit’s work is always top drawer and to see a sample of his content you should definitely check out the SplitSuit blog here or check out all of his premium content here.

  1. UpswingPoker

UpSwingPoker Training Image

Upswingpoker, along with RedChipPoker is among the new breed of well-designed websites with excellent content. Upswing provide lots of free content such as their free pre-flop hand charts which you can find here.

Here are some of their main poker coaching products:

The Postflop Game Plan

The PostFlop Game Plan is a duplicatable system that allows you to make quick, high-quality, profitable poker decisions, which translates into more money in your pocket.

  • Make correct poker decisions in 60 seconds (or less)
  • Quickly place your hands into their correct categories
  • Find the best decision based on which category a hand falls into
  • Turn “I don’t know what to do here” spots into money generating situations
  • Locate and execute the best play, even against the toughest opponents

If you are looking for a cheap and quick way to add to your winrate you could do no better than this product -go ahead and grab The Postflop Gameplan for a once off $19 today.

Upswing Poker Lab

The Upswing Poker Lab is a No-Limit Holdem membership poker training course that is updated each month with in-depth theory modules. Every week Doug or Ryan add one new Multi-tabling Play & Explain video!

Pros of UpswingPoker Lab:

  • 42 modules that cover a huge variety of poker situations
  • 79 Doug Polk theory videos which go into great detail and teaches how to apply on the table.
  • Lot’s of hand charts to form the foundation of your poker game
  • The private Upswing Poker Facebook page for asking the Pros (or other members) questions
  • Fresh content added regularly

Doug Polk explains the Upswing Poker Lab in more detail here:

Get $25 off the Upswing Lab (monthly, semi annual or annual) using code “playpoker2”.

Click here to find out more about the Upswing Poker Lab.

Heads Up No Limit Mastery

If you are a heads up player, reviewed in detail Upswings top tier program “Heads Up No Limit Mastery” priced at $999 – if you are playing small stakes poker (100nl or higher) you are missing out if you don’t invest in this course. You can read more about the program on UnfeltedPoker’s Upswing review.

  1. Tournament Poker Edge

Tournament Poker Edge Training Image

If you’re a tournament poker player, this could be the poker training site for you. This website is dedicated to MTTs, so you are sure to get great material for this game variation here.

Also, you can stream or download the videos for online use.

Notable Pro players: Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek, Jonathan Wein, Ryan “HITTHEPANDA” Franklin, Tim “TTwist” Kelly, Shaun “Cougars4444” Hendrickson, and Charles “Hagbard Celine” Sizemore.

Tournament poker edge releases new videos almost every weekday which includes: live sweats, theory videos and general play. They also offer tournament poker related articles, pro blogs and a member forum in which the pros are VERY active and a tournament strategy podcast.

Cost: $39 per month or $299 yearly.

Focus: Exclusively multi-table tournaments

Stakes: All MTT stakes

Pros of TPE:

  • Videos every single day
  • No sign-up fee
  • Forum with frequently answered questions
  • Video release rate is over 1 per day

Cons of TPE:

  • Not the website for you if you want to learn anything but tournament poker

Here is a walk-through of the site from a few years back:



Click here to get your 7-day free trial of TournamentEdgePoker.

  1. RedChipPoker

RedChip Poker Training Image

RedChipPoker is a new poker training website, co-founded by Doug Hall and James ‘Splitsuit’ Sweeney, designed to help you play smarter poker. With a sleek website design and great free content, you know what to expect with their paid poker coaching videos and other content.

You can get plenty of free information from Redchip poker just by following their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Here is some of the content you can find at Redchip Poker:

Live $1/$2 NL Crash Course

The $1/$2 NL crash course is designed to teach you the basics of beating the low limit brick and mortar games you will find in your local casino. It covers the following topics in detail:

  • C-Betting, 3-Betting & Aggression
  • Hand Reading & Range Building
  • Pain Thresholds & Bet Sizing
  • Pre-Flop & Post-Flop Planning
  • Exploiting Weak & Unstudied Players
  • Game Theory Optimal Strategies
  • Bluffing & Barreling
  • Mental Game & more…

You can pick up the $1/$2 crash course here for $39.


MTT Crash Course

The MTT crash course will help take you from beginner to competent level tournament player covering the most important concepts which lead to tournament success.

  • Constructing & Reading Ranges
  • 3-Betting & Applied Aggression
  • Stealing & Re-Stealing
  • Leveraging Stack Size
  • Early, Middle and Late-Stage Play
  • Independent Chip Modelling
  • Mental Resilience & more…
  •  Push/Fold Charts
  • Short Stack Play
  •  STTs & Bounty Tournaments

You can check out the MTT crash course here for $39.

Redchip Pro Membership

For anyone wanting to take their game to the next level by becoming part of a community of like minded people who will help you study and crush your current games.

Here is what you get:

  • 7-day free trial
  • Over 200 training videos from over a dozen elite coaches.
  • 100+ hours of content with new videos added every week.
  • Huge variety of training videos for any level of player, cash and tournament, live and online.
  • Personal video recommendations for your games & interests.
  • Learn with the friendliest coaches and community in poker.

Here is a little explainer video with what RedChipPoker has to offer:


Click here to get your 7-day free trial of RedChipPoker.

  1. JonathanLittlePoker

Jonathan Little Poker Training Image is a website run by Jonathan Little (no surprise there 🙂 ) who has amassed over $6.5 million in live tournament earnings. Jonathan is well known in the poker industry and has released many products over the course of his career like his best selling poker book Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em.

You can check out his training site Float The Turn monthly poker training membership for $10 per month (the cheapest around) and get the following

  • Members get INSTANT ACCESS to over 730 poker training videos.
  • Access to a new training video approximately every 4 days.
  • Also, members get to attend at least 2 live coaching webinars EVERY MONTH with Jonathan Little or one of the Float The Turn coaches.

You can get all of Jonathan Little Secrets in a 6-hour video series where he plays multiple $11 180-person sit-n-goes and wins over $1700 in just over 6 hours. This is a good choice for someone playing small stakes tournaments and wants to pick up lots of great tips for cheap at only $67. Check out Jonathan Little Secrets here.

Some of his other great products are as follows:

  1. DeucesCracked

Deuces Cracked Image

Deuces Cracked was formed during the poker boom era of 2007 poker and being ten years old now has a wealth of knowledge on poker of all kinds. Although it is chiefly focused on 6max you can find great information on almost all poker games types:

  • No Limit Texas Hold’Em
  • Limit Texas Hold’Em
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • 2-7 Triple Draw
  • Stud Hi
  • Stud 8-or-Better
  • Razz.

I was a member of deuces cracked for almost three years, and it really helped me take my game to the next level.

Cost: $29 per month or buy six months for a discounted $147.90

Focus: Cash games, mostly 6max.

Stakes: All stakes although videos will help micro and small stakes mostly.

Notable Pro Players: pr1nnyraid,  KRANTZ, BalugaWhale, WiltOnTilt, Joe Tall

Favourite content: Real Life Micro Grinder


  • 7-day free trial
  • Active forums where you can ask questions and get answers from the pros
  • More than 3000 videos in a huge archive
  • You can get a big reduction in price by buying a 6-month sub
  • No sign-up fee
  • Simple pricing structure


  • Lack of tournament & sit and go videos
  • Low publishing frequency
  • Some content out of date

Click here to sign up and get a free 7-day trial of DC.

  1. MyPokerCoaching

My Poker Coaching Logo

MyPokerCoaching is an up and coming poker training site run by Tadas Peckaitis, aimed at improving your poker game to help you win more on the tables. He offers a great set of courses for free which you can pick up at this how to win at poker blog post –  I’d highly recommend you check this poker coaching site out!

You should follow Tadas on Twitter & Facebook if you would like a sample of what he has to offer as a poker coach.

Cost: €59 per month

Focus: No Limit Holdem

Stakes: Small Stakes

Pros of MyPokerCoaching

  • Hands on coaching with database analysis, leak finder video and unexploitable preflop poker course.
  • Personalised coaching programs.
  • Video coaching programs covering a range of topics.
  • Free poker book which has some great tips no matter your poker experience

Click here to find out more about MyPokerCoaching.

  1. Advanced Poker Training

Advanced Poker Training Image

AdvancedPokerTraining is a cool tool which isn’t like many of the other training sites out there – it’s a free poker training sites. While training you play hands against AI opponents allowing you to get real-time advice and feedback on your game. You can quick fold hands which you don’t plan on playing meaning the game moves FAST.

Additionally, you can quick fold hands which you don’t plan on playing meaning the game moves FAST. This means you can condense your poker training into a shorter amount of time.

The other feature of this training style is that it allows you to work specifically on the weakest part of your game. For example, if you have trouble exploiting weak passive players, set the game to include weak passive players and learn how to beat them quickly.

Are you unable to deal with extremely aggressive players? You can adjust the players on the table to work on that too.

When you start up a game you will be faced with this screen which allows you to adjust the game to however you want:

In addition, weekly reports tell you the weakest parts of your game and areas you need to focus.

Overall, this a cool training strategy and something I think any player can benefit and who can complain about free poker training?

  1. Poker School Online

Poker School Online was previously a paid training site but has since been taken over by which has made this a free to access. The only prerequisite is that you have to set up a PokerStars account in order to access the training material.

The school has courses on:

  • basics of poker
  • single table tournaments
  • multi table tournaments
  • cash games
  • omaha

Although this is focused more towards beginner poker players and doesn’t include some of the advanced concepts covered in the other courses and training sites mentioned so far. But at a cost of $0, you can’t complain!


 Closing Words On Poker Training Sites

So there are some of the best poker training sites 2017 by HowToPlayPokerInfo. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there could be other great sites out there that I missed. Training sites come and go, such as Poker VT which shut down in 2015 and now CardRunners, so it is important to keep up to date on the sites on the market. So if there are any that you think should be on this list, make sure you let me know below.

Only starting out with poker and not ready for the investment of a poker website? Check out our poker cheat sheet page which will tell you everything you need to know to get started with Texas Holdem.

You may also be interested in the best poker training software which you can find over at

Good luck with finding the most suitable poker training for you!

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