Poker Lessons

Want to take your game to the next level? Check out our series of poker lessons which will help you improve your game and progress your  poker journey.

Below is a series of poker lessons which will help take your game from the beginner stages and beyond.

Poker Lessons:


Counting outs: Outs are the number of cards that will improve your hand to one that will potentially win you the pot (i.e. to one that is better than your opponents). Learning to count your outs allows you to make more informed poker decisions. This should be one of the first skills you learn after the basic rules of the game.

Pot Equity: Pot equity is essentially the percentage chance you have of winning the pot. Find out what programs you should use to work out pot equity and how to approximately estimate pot equity yourself.

Pot Odds: Pot odds are the odds being offered to you to call when you opponent bets into you. You should base your decision on whether to call on the pot odds you are offered and the pot equity you have.

Expected Value: Find out how to calculate how much you expect to return from each potential move. This skill is an important part of becoming a winning player.

Common Poker Mistakes: The mistakes that are typically made by beginner poker players and how to avoid them.

Lessons on continuation betting coming very soon.

More lessons coming soon in the coming weeks!